Men's and Women's Open:

Prizes for Men's and Women's Open (sand) Divisions include Cash, In-Kind, or Both.  For 2019 we are taking up to 16 teams per gender. If the tournament is full with 16 teams per gender the prize structure will be:

  • 1st: $600 Plus Championship Ball, Bolle Sunglasses & Clothing
  • 2nd: $350 Plus Finalist Ball, Plus Bolle Sunglasses & Clothing
  • 3rd: $150 Plus Clothing
  • 3rd: $150 Plus Clothing

For 2020 we look to add 4 more sand courts (6 total) and take 32+ teams per gender and pay out ~$6k~ per gender.

Men's/Women's/Coed AA Grass:

Prizes for AA Grass Divisions include Cash, In-Kind, or Both.  Distributions for the AA Divisions are determined by the number of participants (Minimum 10 teams) i.e. 10 Teams will pay:
   1st: $200 Plus Ball, Bolle Sunglasses & Clothing ($300 for 18+ teams)
   2nd: $100 Plus Ball, Plus Bolle Sunglasses & Clothing ($200 for 18+ teams)
   3rd: For 18+ teams $100 Plus Clothing

All Other Divisions:

Fraser Valley  Doubles Volleyball provides prizes for all divisions based on number of teams.  For all divisions we will pay/hand out prizes for top 2 teams with division sizes under 10.  Divisions with 11-19 teams, through 3rd place.  Divisions over 20 teams through 4th place.  Divisions over 36 teams through 5th.  Divisions over 48 teams through 7th.  We try have a variety of stuff to choose from, listed below are samples of what we offer (not all are available every year).

  • Bolle Sunglasses...Est Value $80-$150
  • Backpacks...Est Value $50
  • Boardshorts...Est Value $50-$30
  • Molten Beach Volleyball Balls with Custom Art... Est Value $45
  • Hooded Sweatshirts... Est Value $40
  • Long Sleeve Dry Fits... Est Value $30
  • Sweatpants... Est $30
  • T-Shirts... Est Value $15
  • Cash
  • Misc Gift Certificates* for Local Vendors

*Note: We try not to give out Gift Certificates for Sunday finalists who may be unable to redeem them prior to departure from Fraser.